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7 Reasons the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work (And How To Get it to Work!)

The law of attraction sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it? You focus on money, love, and happiness, and your world is filled with money, love, and happiness!

Then why doesn’t it work?

Look around. Statistically, the vast majority of people in the U.S. are not happy with the amount of money in their lives, their jobs, their health, or their love lives. In fact, they aren’t happy, period.

Yes, some of them don’t even know the law of attraction exists—yet others (like you) clearly do know it does, yet still can’t make their dreams come true. Take a look at seven reasons why the law of attraction might not work for you (and how to make it work):

1.    You don’t remember who you (really) are

If you start from the premise of, “I’m gonna try this and see what happens,” you may or may not create a result you like, and even if you do create some good, you’d likely create some bad along with it.

Instead, approach creating this way, “I am a part of God, Goddess, a part of Everything. And I am a powerful reality creator.”

2.    You don’t understand the “law”

Many think thoughts generate reality. In actuality, feelings, connected to thoughts, generate reality. And beliefs are the thoughts and associated feelings “hard-wired” into your energy field.

Spend some time learning exactly how to flow your energy towards your dreams, through your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and you’ll see things start changing in your world.

3.    You are too wrapped up in how it will look

Most people think they need to know exactly what they want, down to the tiniest detail in order to manifest it. In truth, the more detail you imagine, the more difficult it may be to create.

What you do need to do is know how you want to feel when you have what you want. Let the universe handle the details.

4.    You’re flowing energy towards your nightmares

You may “say” you want a glorious life—but what are you giving attention to? Lack? Hurt? Worry? Fear?

You’ll have to stay awake to create a life of your dreams—and consciously flow energy towards it. And you’ll need to stop flowing energy away from your dreams—which means ferreting out those beliefs that say you can’t or won’t have the life you desire—and then changing them.

5.    You haven’t fully committed to your dream

Lots of people have “dreams.” But few wholeheartedly commit to making those dreams a reality.

Either you believe you create 100% of your reality or you don’t. If you don’t, change that belief. If you do, start behaving as if those dreams are going to come true. Take action. Be disciplined. Get in the game to win it.

6.    You aren’t patient enough

Many say they want to create a job they love, a committed, loving relationship, financial abundance, etc., but can’t keep the faith that it is in the process of actually manifesting long enough for it to do so.

In order to create anything, you must hold the resonance of already having it. Yes, at first this is difficult to do. But it does get much easier once you can recognize the “signs” that it is on its way. Any powerful technique will produce a “sign” that your reality is changing within just a few days.

Learn to recognize the signs. Watch for them. And then rest assured that what you are doing is working. It makes being patient oh so much easier.

7.    You aren’t allowing assistance

If you feel you have to do this on your own—grow, create your dream, become more of who you really are—you are wrong.

Ask for help and ask for it every step along the way. You could force yourself to do it alone, but why? You have tons of assistance. Let it in.

The law of attraction always works. Always. Our responsive universe does show you exactly what you are putting out in the form of energy—simply look at what you are getting back (your reality).

And there are always ways to change your resonance to receive exactly what you do want. You can do this. It is why you came here—to live the life you were born to live.

How to Get The Law Of Attraction To Work

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